Why we are here

Güerito Customs celebrates Mexican, Chicano, and Latin culture and heritage through bold apparel, gifts, and novelties.

Our mission is to empower the No Sabo kids, Chicanos, Mexicanos, Latinx, and everyone else with a sense of pride in our heritage, by offering products that reflect our unique identity and culture. We believe in the power of self-expression and aim to bring joy and unity to our community through our products.

Join us on our journey to embrace, honor, and elevate our heritage!

Elevate your style, embrace your heritage.

We aren't just dope apparel...

Güerito Customs provides professional logo design services and can assist you in getting your logo printed on workwear. Additionally, any graphics you see on our products can be customized and printed on other items we sell or any other products you may have in mind.

We welcome custom requests and are happy to work with you to bring your vision to life. So, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us for any custom design needs you may have.

Who is El Güero?

Don grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, surrounded by rich Mexican food, culture, and heritage. However, it wasn't until later in his life that he discovered his own Mexican (Michoacán) roots. During his teenage years, Don became enamored with Lowrider and Chicano culture, and he had a group of close compadres who helped him build his first Lowrider bike, complete with custom paint.

On weekends, Don and his friends would cruise down Story & King in Junior's chopped Buick Riviera, with music bumping and hydraulics pumping. Although he no longer wears the "Rolling Hard" shirts from the days of Miller's Outpost past, his love for great carnitas and asada fresh off the grill remains strong.

As Don's love for Chicano/Mexican heritage grew, he felt a strong desire to explore his own roots. He began to embrace his passion for graphic design and started Pinche Güero Customs to create not only killer t-shirts but also a community and outlet for others in his Raza y Familia to embrace their heritage and wear it with style. Don's beautiful Mexican wife and daughter also played a significant role in inspiring him to delve deeper into his cultural heritage.